21st April 2010

The Power of Thought
If you think your beaten …….you are
If you think you dare not… don’t
If you’d like to win and think you cant…you wont
If you think you’ll loose…’ve lost
Success is more than a Will…it’s a state of mind
Life’s battles don’t always go to the sure and the fast at hand….but the one who wins is the one who believes they can

This poem was written for me by my father.  We haven't always seen eye to eye and god knows we've had some rocky times but he was mostly good for my self-esteem.

The Beacon

For years, I traveled a dark and stormy sea
Although others thought it was calm!
In the distance,
A small, pale beacon on the horizon was enough to steer by.
Now, the sky is clearer, and the seas calmer
Yet the beacon, ever brighter, guides me still.
Doubtless, many others have benefited from its light
And yet the beacon will not hear from most of them.
But every day, I thank god for the beacon, for without it,
I might yet be lost.
I need to let you know, that you have been my beacon
This very long time,
And I want to thank you for today
For before today
And for always.
 By Bruce Cramond