About Us

Hi Welcome to my blog.  My name is Janine Cramond and I am based in Northern New South Wales, Australia.  I am an entrepreneur with a successful home based business, a wonderful supportive husband, a mother to three beautiful children and a philanthropist.

My interests are many and varied, a somewhat ecclectic mix (probably like most people). As an avid student of personal development, self reflection and growth, I enjoy working with people and helping them to improve their lives; to find what is alive in them and help them bring it into the world.

I am a proponent of non-violent communication and believe in the importance of endeavouring to model for children, the most positive behaviour possible in order to equip them early to lead their lives in the best way they can, keeping their spirit and self-esteem in tact.

I am also a mad animal and music lover, collecting unwanted, homeless or injured animals and a wide range of musical instruments, some of which I play a little!  I have a passion for horse riding, dancing writing, art, and photography, anything that gives an outlet for creative expression really.

I really appreciate contributions to my blog as I see it as an opportunity for discussion and sharing on ways we can improve ourselves, as supposedly the most sophisticated beings on the planet, to ensure we can improve our world and bring peace to our lives.  Look forward to hearing from you!!